Field Trip - Enchanted Rock

i'll be honest, we have actively been avoiding enchanted rock since moving to texas. stories of lines to get in, groups of kids running around, full campsites and an overall crowding always rubbed us the wrong way. when looking for places to explore these are exactly the things we try to get away from. but only wanting to do a day trip this past weekend we finally gave in and headed to fredericksburg, and of course i'm glad we did.

yes it was crowded, but this pink granite dome was so massive we had no trouble finding solitude while hiking and exploring.

at the summit we were greeted with flawless views of the surrounding hill country in every direction. hiking down the eastern face of enchanted rock we found groups of massive boulders that formed cave like passageways and offered a little respite from the sun and wind. 

as apprehensive as we were about enchanted rock our trip seemed to follow the theme of the past few weekends, awe inspiring places are sometimes closest to home. 
check out a few more pictures in the gallery.