Lake Somerville

with rain coming in from the west we didn't want to spend the weekend trapped inside so we headed east for a night of camping at lake somerville, a relatively close two hour drive from austin. after a year of "texas" campgrounds, open sites with nothing but fifty feet or so separating you from the next group of campers, birch creek was a nice reminder of just how varied the land in texas can be.


it was more like an east coast campground than anything we've seen since moving to austin. secluded treelined campsite, wooded trails crisscrossing the park, a sizeable lake for fishing, and bugs, lots and lots of bugs!

although we stuck to fishing, photographing and drawing instead of swimming, the pups took full advantage of the lake.

waking up to a chill in the air made it feel even more like we were back in the east, a very welcome feeling after our first texas summer.