Monahans Sandhills

we moved to austin in september of 2011, only knowing one friend that we had met during our initial visit a few months prior. we were quickly introduced to an excellent group of friends who showed us some great times. we spent the next several months meeting more fun folks and exploring all this great city has to offer, but eventually our itchy feet returned and it was time to see more of this beautiful state. our first trip was to monahans state park out in west texas. this was our first real experience with the vastness of texas. we were so accustomed to driving in the northeast where seven hours on the road would put you through six different states. now the six hour drive from austin to monahans only gets you through a tiny portion of one state.

this was the beginning of our texas adventures, and was the initial spark that led to this america y'all project and the words and photos that go along with it. it has been a year and some change since our first visit and we felt it was time to head back.

a lot more pictures by clickin' here