National Park Road Trip - Day Three

day three; antelope canyon, horseshoe bend, glen canyon national recreation area.

we used to dread coming back from any trip when we lived in philadelphia. we felt more at home not having a home. austin is a great city and we are so glad to have it as our home base, but i cant help but feel that i was meant to live a gypsy lifestyle. it's been hard getting back into the "daily grind" so to speak. the same urge to give up everything and go get lost I felt when we went on our bike trip in two thousand and eight is back. it’s not that i don’t like my job, or my home; but there is something inside of me telling me i was meant to do something more.

jeremy and i like a good struggle, or obstacle. we look at it as something to work through together and gain strength from. we seem to look for “what are we going to do?!” situations to purposefully put ourselves into. we are more at ease having no plan and going with whatever it is that feels right in that particular moment. our gut feelings seem to have always led us in a good direction thus far in life.

a few of the questions we receive most often are “what do you do for work? “ and “how do you two have time and money to travel so much?”. it’s really simple actually: our trips aren’t very costly!

we both actually enjoy sleeping in our car, even though it is pretty small. we live for that victorious feeling of driving for eighteen to twenty hours and finding ourselves a rest area with running water just as our eyes want to shut. we are fine with washing up in a lake or gas station rest room and we are happy to sleep in walmart parking lots among other creatures that feel the same.