Southern Louisiana

bayous, cajun country, gators, catfish, fan boats, and giant mosquitos, we made our first venture into louisiana this past weekend.  

we made a last minute decision friday night to make the drive east to the creole state, and hit the road early saturday morning. with no plan and no destination in mind we just drove.

the back roads of louisiana took us along the gulf coast, through the bayous and swamp lands of the sabine and lacassine national wildlife refuges and through the fields full of sugar cane. driving along a levee road well after sundown, the atchafalaya river on one side and cypress trees on the other, we couldn't help but feel the eeriness in our bones. 

 and less then twenty four hours after crossing the state line from texas we were already headed back home. we have always thought of louisiana as a shadowy and supernatural land, and spending only a day in the bayou will keep it shrouded in mystery for now.