Season of Change

it's been an interesting few weeks to say the least, a season of change if you will. i've been stuck in austin for a month straight, a rare occurrence and something that hasn't happened the last two years of my life. heavy, june started out with a million things weighing on my mind and heart but the last few weeks leading up to july have opened my eyes. i find myself anxious in the best way possible, not with fear but with excitement. like a kid on christmas eve knowing he has to go to sleep before being able to tear in to those presents, but laying there wide awake filled with the dreams of that brand new remote controlled car. good things and good people have been coming into my life at an almost alarming rate. i find my heart racing and a big grin randomly appearing throughout the day, a product of my enthusiasm for what the future holds. 

i've undoubtedly been slacking on the updates here on the blog, but things behind the scenes are picking up, and i have some good things planned in terms of travel for july and august. thanks again y'all for bearing with me.