new hampshire - part one

"everybody, every person, has to leave, has to change like seasons; they have to or they die. the seasons remind me that i must keep changing." donald miller

there are few things in this world that are guaranteed, and as cliche as it may sound, change is at the top of that list.

new hampshire during the autumn months is one of the best visual representation of that change. the trees ablaze with color take over every hill and mountainside as far as the eye can see. orange, red and yellow hues overcome the greens of summer and usher in the long harsh winter.

for a few short weeks the landscape turns into an oil painting, almost as some sort of beautiful apology from mother nature for what she's bound to bring the next few months.

trips back to these childhood stomping grounds are few and far between at this point in my life, once a year at best. and if i'm lucky it lines up with the changing of the seasons, something we don't get to truly experience in texas.

transitioning into adulthood it seems like every year saw a change in what the word home meant.
even during my stint in pennsylvania i still referred to new hampshire as home, going home was going to see my mother, my sisters, my friends from high school. it wasn't until texas that the word transformed.

home now is texas and everything that goes along with the life that i've created for myself here. but being up north during this time of year was the best reminder of just how much has changed in my life. and more than just how much has changed, but how it has all changed for the better.