camp cookery - fried egg & asparagus

6 asparagus stalks
1 egg
2 bacon slices
1/4 cup cheese
cracked pepper

a quick breakfast (or dinner in this case) that can be cooked in single skillet!

start by cooking the slabs of bacon, once this is going you can cut the ends off of the stalks of asparagus. Keep an eye on the bacon, flipping as necessary. 

i let the bacon go a little longer then i normally would to get it extra crispy for use at the end of this dish.

since the skillet is already greased from the bacon you can just throw the asparagus in with no extra oil. cook the stalks until tender (about four minutes).

next up crack a single egg into the pan. no need to flip, having it a bit runny is a good thing.

when the egg is just about done sprinkle the cheese on top. use a bowl (or a lid) to cover the egg and help the cheese melt faster.

throw that thing on the asparagus and crumble the bacon on top.