almost a year ago i received a message from a follower online, he spoke to me about sorrow and continuing to pursue your passions even in the midst of turmoil. "grieve appropriately, your art (your eye) is excellent and shouldn’t be derailed." he closed his message to me with these words, "there will be a better muse in your future." 

"there will be a better muse in your future." 

i try my hardest to respond to messages right away with real and honest answers, but this one struck a chord with me. i had no words to send back to this person, i revisited his message quite often, typing something back to him, only to shake my head and delete what i had just written. his closing quote was so raw and full of truth that it deserved a proper response and i just didn't have one. 

i sat on those words for months and months, repeating them in my head at various points during this past year. there was just something about how simple, eloquent and powerful they were that resonated with me.

every so often a friend will come to me and ask for advice, be it about a relationship, about a job, about a city; the answer i keep giving, "is it making you a better version of yourself?" truth be told this wasn't even a question i was asking myself until quite recently, but it all tied back to that statement on muses. a muse; beyond art,  something or someone that inspires you to be a better version of yourself.  

a few weeks ago i finally felt ready, i messaged this person back. i let him know how much his message meant to me, how his words had stuck with me all year, and more importantly; that better muses had been found. these friends. this city. this girl.