Glacier National Park, Montana

what a ride the past few weeks have been; a month full of transition and growth. 

sometimes it is easy to create a narrative in your head. positive, negative, true or false; it is all too simple and something that i often do, especially when the one i want to spend my time with is two thousand miles away. lost in my mind; as the saying goes. it's the struggle of relying on words rather than physical presence. creating stories that fly right in the face of what i know to be good and true.

spending the weekend next to someone who is chasing her dream reminded me of something my kid sister said a while back. a person who i respect and look up to for her ability to follow her heart, her instinct, and her will to create a story that she can gaze back on years from now without any regrets.

"and then there is the most dangerous risk of all, the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later." 

surrounded by the surreal beauty of glacier national park, i realized i had been forgetting the notion that we all have to seize every opportunity that comes our way in order to create a story we can be proud of. 

i had been inadvertently hindering the growth of someone who has a piece of my heart because i wanted my story to go another way. neglecting the fact that a better version of anyone i care about will inevitably make me a better man. 

i left montana overflowing with insight, happiness, new friends, and a feeling of thankfulness for the gracious and guiding hand of another.