camp cookery - buffalo chicken grilled cheese

  1. canned chicken
  2. blue cheese (wedge or crumbles)
  3. pepperjack cheese (sliced)
  4. hot sauce
  5. green onions
  6. bread
  7. butter

this is a pretty simple recipe but will fill you right up. it's also one that can be hiked into camp rather than some of the meals i've done in the past which require big pots or pans and a hefty stove or fire. 

all you need for this one is a few ingredients, a small cooler bag, a pan and a small camp stove.

to start chop your green onions and mix them in with the canned chicken and hot sauce.

i opted for a whole loaf of bread so i could cut the slices a little thicker. once cut butter the side of the bread that'll be on the pan.

with the bread in the pan stack up the cheese and top with a dollop of the buffalo chicken. put the other piece of bread on that and then fire up the stove.

to help the cheese melt put a cover on the pan. check the grilled cheese after a minute or so, when the bottom side is golden brown flip the sandwich and put the cover back on.

that's really all there is to this one. super simple, but tasty, and more filling than a normal grilled cheese.

lessons learned: i could have saved some space in my pack by slicing the bread beforehand and only carrying in what i needed to make this recipe.