Developed - Llano - Young Settlers

shot on : fuji superia 800

when we moved to texas two and a half years ago we knew exactly one person, someone who we had only met a few months before while visiting. fresh to austin and newly married we wondered where we would fit in this city. luckily this one friend quickly introduced us to a very welcoming group of people. 

growing up on the east coast and spending six years in philadelphia before moving to the lone star state being introduced to born and raised texans was a shock to us. these people wanted to be our friends right off the bat? they were genuinely interested in us and our stories? we witnessed first hand what everyone refers to as southern hospitality. back east friendship and trust is earned over time, down here it is given automatically. 

once a year these folks make a trek out to some family land on the llano river for a week of camping, fires, swimming, food, guns and booze. i was lucky enough to make it out for a night for the third year in a row. 

we regretfully don't get to see this group of friends as much as i'd like, but that never seems to matter. regardless of how long it's been since we last saw them they are always welcoming; just as gracious as they were when taylor and i wandered up to their front porch two and a half years ago. texas has a hold on us, from day one we felt like we belonged here and these people played a huge role in making us feel like this was our home.  

Developed - New Hampshire

shot on : kodak porta 400

"my little horse must think its queer to stop without a farmhouse near. between the woods and frozen lake, the darkest evening of the year. he gives his harness bells a shake to ask if there is some mistake. the only other sounds the sweep of easy wind and downy flake. the woods are lovely dark and deep, and i have promises to keep, and miles to go before i sleep, and miles to go before i sleep."

new hampshire isn't an adventure to me, new hampshire is home. visiting is like running into a really good old friend, i pick up exactly where i left off, like i was never gone.

my first day there eighteen inches of fresh powdery snow fell covering the old mill town i grew up in like a thick white blanket. my mother and i started off the day by shoveling out her car, then headed to a diner for coffee in meredith. after, we shuffled our feet over the frozen lake to look at the bob houses scattered over the ice. 

the rest of the visit continued to give me the winter and family fix i sought. sled dog races, an evening walk in the blizzard, a snowy drive to cape cod, warming up by a wood stove, cup after cup of diner coffee, while getting my mother all to myself.

as nice as it is to be back in austin, laying on my hammock in shorts while writing this, a big piece of my heart is always left behind in new hampshire. this shred comes in the form of a big sister who i find more in common with every visit we have, i truly enjoy her company. a little brother, so wise beyond his years that i can honestly say i look up to him and the support he provides me means the world. two little sisters who keep me laughing nonstop and know how fun doing donuts in moms car is.

and most of all, my mother, who is my rock. it took a while to get to the point we are at now, but as i have matured i realize everything she has done for me and still does for me. no amount of time is ever enough with her, but every time is always quality time.

good bye, and keep cold.