hill country

Field Trip - Hill Country

it's nearing the end of november and the sun is still beating hard on texas, and although we'd love to enjoy some cooler weathered hikes, we couldn't pass up the opportunity this past weekend to enjoy the heat. 

with no real destination in mind we just meandered through hill country taking in the sights and pulling over to explore if something caught our eye. 

around the highland lakes, through the town of llano, and finally ending up on the banks of the colorado river. we had not planned on swimming, but after a day running around under the sun the water was calling our names.



Field Trip - Sunrise at Enchanted Rock

an early morning alarm wakes me from my slumber, in my groggy state i make some coffee and head out into the darkness. two hours west through the texas hill country to enchanted rock state park, and just as i pull into the parking lot the first glimpses of sun begin to kiss the giant granite formation. i hustle up the rock and make it to the top right as the sun fully shows itself over the eastern horizon. i sit in solitude, snapping photos and taking in the sweeping views amidst a whipping morning wind. 

i make my way over to the "caves" which are actually just passage ways created by massive boulders when i run into a group of early morning rock climbers. we exchange pleasantries before going our separate ways.

as the park begins to fill up i head back down enchanted rock and up turkey peak directly across from where i just stood. upon reaching the top i again sit in solace watching, from a distance, the hoards of people making their way up the rock. 

i spend several hours rambling around the park, watching the sun illuminate the land. and before the heat of the texas summer begins to pick up i am already on my way home.