Field Trip - Return to Mustang Island

mustang island has sort of become a vacation from our vacations. when we want to get away for the weekend but don't feel like a long drive or long hike we head to the coast. and much like i spoke of last week, camping on the beach still feels like a dream to us. growing up on the east coast we only saw this sort of thing in movies, and now it's become an integral part of our summer months here in texas. swim, relax, fire, food, camp; these are the only things that we need to concern ourselves with while here. i didn't take my camera out much this weekend, but here are a few photos.



Mustang Island State Park

we made it to mustang island this weekend to escape the heat of the city and for some swimming and camping. named for the wild horses that once roamed the shore and located in port aransas on the coast of texas, mustang island is a 5 mile stretch of beach that offers drive up camping and a tent view that can't be beat.

the swimming was a little warm with a temperature of 85 degrees, but was still great and a nice change from the 68 degree temperature of barton springs.

night fall brought a campfire, cooking and an amazing starlit sky.

we were hoping to see some of the perseid meteor show, unfortunately we weren't able to see any in the sky and only captured a few with long exposures.

sunday morning we woke up to see the sunrise over the ocean and do a little more swimming before we packed up.

we will most definitely be back to mustang island in the future. the only downside of this park is the fact that we'll be cleaning sand out of our gear for the next week.

more photos in the gallery!