Big Bend National Park

"i like being part of something that's bigger than me, than i. it's good for your soul to invest in something you can't control."

a line from a cheesy movie, but nonetheless a line that has stuck with me for the past ten years. 

i've never felt as minuscule in my life as i did on my recent trip to big bend and in a place as remote and vast as it is, it's almost impossible not to. small in the chisos. small on the desert floor. small under a night sky filled with more stars than i've ever laid eyes on. especially small atop one of the highest peaks in texas. 

you can't help but just sit and stare out at the land that lay before you when reaching the top of emory peak. there were a few other folks up there, we exchanged words and went back into our deep gazes. i looked around, and then back at the others, watching the power that these mountains had over everyone was an ethereal experience.

sixteen hours of driving, seventeen miles of hiking, all for less than twenty four hours in the park. a little crazy, but also very much needed, because sometimes it's good to feel small, feel like no matter how much you plan (or don't plan in my case) it's not really up to you how it turns out. allowing yourself to emotionally be at the mercy of your natural surroundings.