pedernales falls

Field Trip - Pedernales Falls

every morning on my way to work i crest a hill by my house, the skyline peaks its head out at me, glowing in the light of the freshly risen sun. i'm filled with an overwhelming sense that everything is going to be GOOD. i'd rather be going somewhere other than work, but seeing a sleepy city just waking up reminds me that we're all in this together. we all struggle, we all triumph, most of us stuck in a line of traffic probably wish we were doing something else. but we are all here and we're all part of it.


i was speaking about this with my friend lauren, she mentioned how familiar that feeling was. how she takes a look in her rearview mirror on the way to work to glance at the sun rising behind the city, "i think that's a little daily reminder that life is bigger than us and that work and heartbreak and hard times are temporary."


temporary. temporary. temporary. 

"if you have an emotion, especially negative, FEEL IT, wholly and as painfully as you can. embrace it. if you're sad. BE SAD. and then, let it go. breathe and release it back into where it belongs; not inside of you"

as lauren said above, even though those feelings are temporary that doesn't mean we can't take something beautiful away from them, even if it hurts in the moment. because at the end of the day, it is just that, the end of the day. tomorrow is a new one, a new chance to feel how ever we'd like to feel. 

Field Trip - Swimming Holes

although most of texas has been in a severe drought for the past few years there are still plenty of places to stay cool. we had some friends from philadelphia in town for the fourth of july and took full advantage of the beautiful weather by hitting all the swimming holes in the austin area. below are some photos from jacobs well in wimberley, pedernales falls state park and lake travis.


Field Trip - Return to Pedernales Falls

with the threat of rain looming all weekend we decided to go back to pedernales falls for a few hours early saturday morning. pedernales falls and caprock canyons are without a doubt my two favorite parks in texas so it was great to go back and explore a little more than the last time we were there. this place is like a jungle gym for grown ups; endless opportunities to hike and climb on the fields of boulders carved out by the river running through the park.